"Blue Glacier Bowl," 2009, H: 10 in. x W: 8 in.


Ani Kasten studied in the Shropshire hills of England with British ceramist Rupert Spira. Her work has departed from the realm of functional ceramics and has become increasingly sculptural, she remains fascinated with glaze and clay chemistry and she seeks balance and harmony in form. A recent four years spent in Kathmandu, Nepal included influences with artifacts, religious objects and traditional techniques, including hand-dug clay and glaze materials with natural impurities. "My work reflects both its strong foundation in the craft traditions I explored in England and Nepal, as well as sensibility informed by more contemporary artists like Spira or Lucie Rie."

Kasten's work has a modern. minimal aesthetic and a creative expression of form, movement and texture.

Ani Kasten

  • Blue Glacier Bowl
  • White Landscape
  • Tea Bowls
  • Hanging Boats
  • Ark
  • Blue Orb
  • Bluebowl
  • Light Pillow Pot
  • Large White Tiered Pot
  • Bottle Still Life
  • Large White Tiered Pot
  • Blue Boat
  • Large White Tiered Pot
  • Tall Winter Landscape Bowl
  • Blue Speckled Pot
  • Scoop Bowls
  • White Tiered Pot
  • Black and white oblong
  • Dark Pillow Pot
  • Sea Polyps
  • Red Bowls
  • 3 Cylinders
  • 3 Vases
  • Large White Tiered Pot
  • White Tiered Pot
  • Large Winter Landscape Bowl
  • Large Yellow Bowl