"The Hunting Lodge", 16 x 20, acrylic on panel


Lori Blados' new work, illustrated on board and in acrylic, is a brightly rendered and playful meditation on environments both real and imagined. Birds twitter about as they peek inside their birdhouses--simple, triangular shaped structures reminiscent of something a child might draw. It is in her quirky style that Blados plays with the concepts of reality and fantasy. The birds are peering into a world that is curiously human, curiously askew. The objects of our everyday become spectacles.

Inspired by her love for Costa Rica, Blados' work is influenced by the colors of Latin America, as she freely mixes pattern and color throughout her paintings. Inspired by the poems of celebrated Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, Blados work is a pause, an attempt to celebrate the objects and concepts we skip by in the every day.

A graduate of the University of Hartford Art School and Yale University School of Art where she studied photography, Blados continues her education, studying spanish language. It is in her multi-cultural way of life that we can see a true celebration of travel, culture and the beauty of an imagination at work.

Lori Blados

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