"Ten Paces," oil on canvas, 6 x 6 ft.


Moray Hillary works from the crux of a generation dissolution with war and perturbed with the arbitrary value placed on human life; a generation who desires to inspire the languid motions of indifference.

Through his paintings and instillations Hillary depicts both personal hardship and this sense of dissatisfaction and frustration felt by his generation. Hillary uses iconic, tattoo like images to depict a thought or comment, often repeating the image until the duplication becomes part of the message, pulling the focus away from the particular icon or image and expanding it to depict something greater than itself.

"I have been mining a particular seam in painting that revolves around the visceral and the exploration of external manifestations of psychological trauma" states Hillary whose work often portrays images of war.

Hillary's work is provocative and tranquil simultaneously; creating a dynamic that evokes a sense of intrigue and sorrow. Hillary hosts an impressive and extensive resume that includes solo exhibitions in London, Edinburgh Dundee and Düsseldorf, and an upcoming show in Warsaw. Hillary continues to explore new sources of inspiration in his world, commenting, "it is only through this rigorous research in a troubled terrain that a pertinent and viable currency might be created".

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